Software Development Services

Not Just Another Contractor

Calavista Software has spent the last decade delivering software development services including testing, process consulting, and software tools to companies ranging from Fortune 100 to startups. We’ve built a solid track record of delivering more than 90% of our projects on time and on budget.

We believe this success can be directly attributed to our approach to software development, which is different than most other companies. When we work with our customers, we don’t just deliver code according to a specification. Specifications change, and development teams that are driven purely by delivering upon them are prone to failure. Instead, each one of our projects is led by a Solutions Director – professionals who have over two decades of development experience, multiple degrees from top-ranked schools, and specific, demonstrated expertise in managing distributed teams.

We do not “body shop,” selling unmanaged workers by the hour. Rather, we provide complete managed teams that are specifically configured to address both the needs of the customer and the project. We also use a hybrid, Hyper-Agile® development methodology that we have refined over the past decade, as well as a set of proprietary and patented custom tools that support this workflow.