Custom Software

Talent and Team for a Successful Project

CV-Project-Structure_d1There are four key factors that drive success in a custom software development project:

  • Development talent
  • Management experience
  • Processes
  • Tools

Most companies focus on the most obvious factor – the developers. And, they are important.  But, it takes more than a brilliant developer to successfully get a project from start to finish. You need a complete and cohesive team with experienced leadership to get the job done well.

With this in mind, Calavista approaches every project with a team customized to the needs and requirements of the project. This team can be up and running immediately, with a packaged, customizable process and equipment. All of the hardware infrastructure, methodologies, management, and balanced skill sets are already in place, in a team that has worked together many times before. You will have a production team that’s running full speed from the beginning, supported by strong leadership, and tools and methodologies that have been proven over and over again in the real world.

Quality from the Beginning

We also believe that quality must be baked into a product from the start, not “tested in” afterwards. In other words, it’s not enough to just test the code when the development team is done – it’s important to bring that quality assurance into the development process.

Calavista follows a task-based development methodology where tasks are prioritized and assigned to developers. Our patented tools and processes ensure that code submitted by a developer is built and rigorously tested before it is introduced into the main code base. A developer can complete a task, knowing that any work they submit will be built, installed, and automatically tested before that work will be promoted into the code base. In addition, the validated code can be immediately deployed to a staging server, where the latest version of the product can be inspected by any interested party. That means that you can see day by day – or hour by hour – the product taking shape.