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Java Versus Ruby – Which is Better for Your Web App? (Infographic)

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Java Versus Ruby:  Frameworks in Practice

With a reported 10 million users as of 2012, Java is one of the most popular programming languages in use today. But Ruby represents an attractive alternative because of its rapid development capabilities, which can significantly reduce both the length and cost of a project.

Ruby has disadvantages, however.  The Java platform is considered by many to be faster and more mature, powerful and/or secure. These claims are too simple, however – while based in reality, many of these discrepancies can be mitigated on specific projects.

So, which language is the best choice for your project? Ultimately the decision is best based on your specific needs and priorities, but this white paper is intended to give you the necessary background to make an informed decision by providing a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of using each language to create a web application.

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