Jeremy Miller

Senior Architect


With an engineering degree from Rice University, Jeremy began his software career writing “Shadow IT” applications to automate tedious engineering documentation. He then transitioned into software development for an exciting new challenge. Since then, Jeremy has heavily focused his career as a senior-level consultant and by engineering Open Source .NET development tools. Jeremy is an expert in Agile methodologies with deep experience in engineering practices like continuous integration and Test Driven Development. Jeremy has frequently spoken at technical conferences on topics including automated testing, software design principles, and Open Source development. He has worked for Fortune 100 companies, building mission-critical supply chain software. Jeremy has also authored StructureMap, Storyteller, both tools for .NET development and testing. He also worked as the lead developer of Marten. Jeremy has received multiple MVP awards from Microsoft for C# development.

As a Senior Architect at Calavista, Jeremy’s primary focus is on .NET technologies. He brings his extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and skill to each of his projects.