Sandeep Gupta



Co-Founder Sandeep Gupta is driven by helping Calavista’s clients realize their business goals through software. Since the beginning, Sandeep has focused his team on driving successful customer deployments through their patented Hyper-Agile® software delivery methodology — which has taken the company to an unparalleled customer success rate of 90%. Sandeep’s education from Rice University and MIT, along with his professional experience as a developer and consultant at companies like IBM, Trilogy Software and Aviri, has equipped him with a deep understanding of distributed operating systems and shared memory architectures. He is fueled by his clients’ success and finds the greatest satisfaction in working with diverse teams to over-deliver even the toughest projects. He and his partner, Lawrence Waugh, have built Calavista from the ground up, always focusing on ways to improve upon the software solutions they offer to their clients.

Sandeep is deeply passionate about mentorship and spends much of his free time volunteering his time to help others succeed.