The reform is an effort to curb the detrimental effects of patent-troll behavior

Calavista Software co-founder Lawrence Waugh and five other patent experts recently participated in a panel discussion on patent reform in Washington DC. Hosted by The American Enterprise Institute (AEI), “Preventing Patent Abuse: Prospects for Reform” focused on patent litigation reform currently making its way through Congress. The reform is an effort to curb the detrimental effects of patent-troll behavior in which non-practicing entities (firms that hold patents but do not produce products or services) are believed to cost the U.S. economy at least $29 billion every year.

Noah Phillips, Chief Counsel for Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), in Washington DC delivered the keynote speech, highlighting the provisions of the Patent Abuse Reduction Act. This was followed by a panel discussion with Waugh and five other panelists, who covered the problems with patent-troll behavior, and the need for increased transparency, improved patent quality, and changes to the U.S. fee-shifting structure. In addition to Waugh, the panel included representatives from a law firm, a small business, a think tank, and industry experts from Verizon and Qualcomm. The panel was moderated by Michael Rosen, a fellow at AEI, law professor, and law firm partner.

In a related event, Waugh and 11 other company CEO/founders participated in Startup Day on the Hill 2014, which is an event focused on bringing members of Congress and their staff together with the start-up community and the technology and services being created. Hosted by Engine, the intention of this event was to help Congress understand what is needed to support the efforts of start-ups to further the economy.