Software Quality Assurance

Reduce QA Cost and Risk

Development groups, under pressure to reduce cost while increasing productivity, have become understaffed and overwhelmed. Engineering budgets are being cut, and quality assurance is usually one of the first casualties within a software group. This has led to devastating results for many companies.

Calavista offers a development organization the opportunity to augment or even build up their QA group from scratch while dramatically lowering costs, without the risks normally associated with outsourcing and offshore. We do this by creating a software quality assurance team customized to your needs and business objectives such as improved customer experience, support for a wide range of browser platforms, or increased development velocity. This team is led by one of our Solutions Directors (who all have over two decades of development experience) who provide the interface between you and the team resources to ensure testing seamlessly fits into your process. No matter if you need test automation, cross-browser testing, load testing, or other services, Calavista can provide it.