Software Development

Software Development Without the Drama®

If you need new software, you’re not just concerned about the outcome. Of course, you want code that runs smoothly, and you want it on-time and on-budget. But you also want a drama-free development process. That’s where Calavista comes in.

Custom Software Development

We don’t just write code – we design solutions for your business with efficient, effective, and proven software development processes.

Solutions-Based Technology Choices




Software development is more than just good code written by strong developers. That’s why 2/3 of software projects fail. A successful project needs development talent for a good outcome, but also requires management, experience, effective processes, and tools. Calavista approaches every project with a team customized to the needs and requirements of the project.

Our Processes

Calavista holds patents for our proven and efficient development processes. We received patents on Continuous Delivery a decade before the concept was popularized, so you can trust that, as experienced leaders in the industry, we can find the best way to address your development needs in an effective and collaborative process.

Dedicated Development Teams

If you do not have an in-house development team but need to modernize, or to build your software from scratch, Calavista can provide you with a Development Group in a Box®.

Calavista’s teams are led by experienced Solutions Directors – think of them as a Director of Development with decades in the industry… who comes with a complete team. They have the management experience, technical knowledge, and business acumen to ensure your needs are addressed by our development teams.

Our development teams are put together for each project based on your requirements. By pairing our international teams with local Solutions Directors and Architects, you get the best of both worlds: top-tier management here in the US, coupled with world-class engineers in more cost-effective locations.

We can also integrate our teams with your existing organization, helping streamline your development process, and leaving your people with operations that they can easily manage independently. We can work independent of, or synergistically with your teams depending on the project and your needs.  If you want to generally improve your development process but don’t need new software developed at the moment, we also provide DevSecOps services, and can help you create your own world-class Development Pipeline.

Requirements Delivery

If you have a vision, we can help make it a reality. With an in-depth requirements elicitation process, we can break down your idea into key elements, identifying a Minimum Viable Product and creating a roadmap to build and then expand upon it. This is a crucial first step in any development project, ensuring that everyone involved is working towards the same goal.

Solution-Based Technology Choices

Calavista’s Architects and Developers can work in many different environments and languages. This allows us to use whatever technology works best for the project, choosing a framework with careful consideration for functionality, user experience, and performance. There’s virtually no technology we can’t apply to your project.

Unparalled Success Rate of 95%.

Delivering software that works - every time.

Built-in Testing

At Calavista, we know that you can’t test quality in at the end of a project. Quality has to be baked in from the start.

That’s why testing is an integral part of our development process, ensuring that quality is built-in to our code from the beginning. Testing everything as we go also streamlines our process, allowing us to maintain our track record of delivering quality software on-time nearly 95% of the time.

Development Metrics

Throughout our development process, we use hard data to monitor productivity across workflow stages, assess software quality, and provide clarity to the stakeholders. Metrics and KPIs help us keep track of progress, ensuring our teams are working as efficiently as possible.