We can take on all aspects of your software development needs.

Managing the Entire Process

We specialize in great software delivery. We do not just assign developers to projects, body-shopping them by the hour. Rather, we focus on delivering the project as a whole, managing the entire process. Calavista’s area of specialty is not a specific technology or industry, but the expertise and proprietary methodologies which allow us to deliver high quality software on-time and on-budget at a success rate that is 3x the industry average. 

Our projects typically involve a number of our core services:

Requirements Gathering

Great software products start with great requirements. These can cover everything from functionality, to look & feel, to non-functional requirements like performance and scalability. We have helped customers elicit and document requirements for all sorts of projects, ranging from consumer and mobile apps to e-commerce solutions, decision support systems, data analytics/pattern recognition solutions, and much more.

Software Development

Any software development project requires a skilled team, best-of-breed practices, the right tools, and great management. Our experienced leadership will assemble a customized team that utilizes our proven software development processes to work closely with your organization and deliver the high quality software you need.

Software Testing

Quality cannot be tested into the software at the end; it must be embedded into every part of the process. An experienced quality assurance team combined with a test-driven methodology and process automation guarantees that every piece of code is rigorously tested and verified before the end-user sees it.

Stop paying for bad software.

60% of software projects fail to meet target budget and timelines. We deliver on time and on budget over 90% of the time, so you can rest easy that you will actually get what you pay for.

DevSecOps Illustration


Calavista was founded on DevSecOps tenets like Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, and we have never stopped pushing the state of the art. We hold patents for our tools and processes and insist on close collaboration between security, developers, and operations managers. This ensures an Agile and efficient development process for our own teams and our clients. 

Technical Advisory Services

At Calavista Software®, we have a team of industry veterans with a depth and breadth of experience which allows them to help with many challenges faced by our customers. Sometimes this involves stepping in to fill a temporary gap (e.g., CIO, CTO, or VP of Development). Sometimes we help complete a task where we have vital expertise (e.g. improve development operations, provide technical due diligence for a software acquisition, optimize business processes, create an RFP, etc.)  Other times we simply become a trusted technical advisor for our customers.

We deliver great software across many industries.