How We Work

A holistic approach to software development.

Development Group

in a Box®

No matter the size or stage of your company, Calavista provides you a complete team with experienced leadership to ensure that your goals are accomplished.

We do not “body-shop” contracting developers by the hour. A successful product needs more than just software developers, so we provide an entire team, including UX/UI experts, testers, DevSecOps engineers, Scrum Masters and more. This team will be running full speed from the beginning, with a packaged, customizable process supported by tools and methodologies proven over and over again in the real world.

Experienced Leadership

Our leadership team is made up of talented individuals with decades of experience in both technology and management. They ensure each project is run with Calavista’s proven processes for success. The whole team is run by one of our Solutions Directors, whom you can think of as a Director or VP of Development, managing the day-to-day of the team while working closely with and advocating for the customer.

On the technical side, our Senior Architects ensure that the software has a strong architecture, is robust, scalable, secure, and of course, functional. We provide your project with the leadership it needs to run smoothly from start to finish.

A Deep Bench

We utilize a blended local/offshore model, meaning that our local leadership team (Solutions Director , Senior Architect, and Executive Sponsor) manages a team comprised of engineers from one of our development partners. We have 9 strategic partners on four continents that provide a pool of over 10,000 developers. This deep bench of talent allows us to provide expertise and support for virtually any technology, challenge, or industry. We build each team custom-tailored to the needs of a project, ensuring the best value for our clients.

With our industry connections, we are also able to pull PhD-level experts onto projects, benefiting from their expertise at an hourly rate. We can pull one on to a project for a few hours to weigh in on a problem, and then send them on their way. Rather than trying to hire and maintain a salary for someone with such niche knowledge, you can get such insight at a fraction of the cost by partnering with Calavista.

Calavista Provides a Development
Group in a Box®.

We will hand-pick a team to meet your needs.

Leaders in CI/CD

Calavista Software® was founded on concepts such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, receiving multiple patents in those areas before most companies had even heard the terms. Our customers can take advantage of that deep experience, which is leveraged every day to manage delivery of your development project. We embrace and prioritize concepts like continuous monitoring, automation, and collaboration, so you can rest assured that your code will be developed and delivered in a controlled, and highly visible manner.

Hyper-Agile® Development Process

Our goal is to quickly develop software that is both high quality and high value. For most projects, we leverage our Hyper-Agile® development methodology to embrace and manage change. A key tenet of this is visibility; all work is done in two-week sprints which culminate in product reviews. These bi-weekly reviews go deeper than demos, though. We regularly push code to a Staging Environment, making it visible to all stakeholders as it is implemented, so that the customer can access and play with the product as it evolves. We do this to demonstrate that we are making steady and consistent progress, of course, but more importantly, to minimize project drift. With consistent visibility and agility, we work to ensure we are delivering what our customers envision, make specification and requirement changes when needed, and re-prioritize features for each sprint. By working with Product Owners to define requirements and implement those of the highest priority first, we can easily embrace and manage change through the development process while providing consistent deliverables.
Our process ensures that every piece of code is tested for quality assurance. We believe quality has to be baked into a product from the start- not “tested” afterwards, so we rigorously test every piece of code our developers write before it is introduced to the main code base. This way, you can trust the deliverables you see in the Staging Environment are already sound. Our tools allow this constant validation of code to flow seamlessly with our process while providing regular updates to our Solutions Director or your team. With our Hyper-Agile® development process, you can count on regular updates of quality tested code and watch your product take shape.