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Utilizing Calavista as an IRS: Irritant Removal System

Iodine Software Case Study Snapshot


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2 months for Special Projects
30 months total




Iodine Software is a healthcare AI company that brings machine learning to the medical field in order to manage data for healthcare organizations, reducing revenue leakage and keeping track of patient care. Iodine has its own team of skilled and dedicated software developers with their own product roadmap and processes. However, sometimes things come up that cannot be accomplished by the internal team in a timely manner without impacting their roadmap. In order to keep their developers focused on the company’s strategic goals, Iodine turned to Calavista.

For Iodine, Calavista worked as an “Irritant Removal System,” taking on “Special Projects” and development tasks that could derail their internal development team’s roadmap. This partnership continued for many years, but one of the most impressive examples of this was when Iodine’s marketing team needed several new updates for some key customer requests before year-end. That November, the internal team did not have the bandwidth to tackle the flurry of updates, but Calavista did.

Our Solution

Calavista provided a team to work on special projects on short notice. Our team integrated into Iodine’s development process and tooling to deliver code, unit tests, test automation, documentation, and other artifacts as if we were part of their team. By adding these new features quickly to Iodine’s existing application, Calavista’s assistance allowed Iodine’s development team to stick to their roadmap and deliver critical elements on time.

Our Process

Over the span of two days, right before Thanksgiving, Calavista spun up a team of thirteen individuals to develop seven critical elements required to maintain customers.

Iodine used Calavista Software as a self-contained ancillary development team, or IRS (Irritant Removal System) as they called it, to tackle special projects, development tasks, or issues that would derail their internal development team’s roadmap. In this instance, Iodine reached out during Thanksgiving week for help with a large set of urgent tasks.  Staffing began that day, and by Monday, two business days later, Calavista had spun up a team of thirteen individuals to develop seven critical elements that were required for some of their top customers. This momentum continued and in just two months, we completed all the projects, providing new tools and elements, improved UI, and enhanced reporting for their application.

The Timeline

Since Iodine had an ongoing relationship with Calavista’s developers for special projects such as this one, they felt comfortable letting Calavista take the reins. With a deep bench of trusted developers, we can quickly put together talented, targeted teams, so Calavista was able to identify and staff over a dozen team members for this project in just a few days. The initial Sprint started immediately, and the team started building the software the week of Thanksgiving. Our team worked through the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays to deliver seven critical features in January, a truly impressive rate of development, especially for the time of year.

The Team

At Calavista Software, we pair local Solutions Directors and Senior Architects with our capable and trusted development partners across the globe, hand-picked for each project. Our local team worked hard in the lead up to Thanksgiving to identify and onboard seven developers and three test engineers from one of our partners in the Ukraine. While most US-based developers would take time off for Thanksgiving, our Ukrainian team was able to work through the week and maintained momentum through Christmas as well. Our Development Group in a Box™ was able to take on all the work with little headache to Iodine, all for a standard monthly rate.

The Relationship

Though the Calavista team managed the programming, testing, and implementation of these new features, Iodine’s stakeholders were still involved in the process. Since we were working on such a short timeline, we provided Iodine with daily updates, making sure that any issues that arose were addressed rapidly. In this way, we were able to keep in close alignment with Iodine without putting a strain on the rest of their development team.

The Results

Not only did we meet all of Iodine’s goals on time, an enormous accomplishment given the timeframe, but we were also able to hit all of the stretch goals they had thrown in – a true testament to the advantages of the Ancillary Dev Team model.  

While Iodine Software had its own technical development team, demands from their marketing department threatened to disrupt their strategic roadmap during an already chaotic holiday season. Calavista was able to provide a team to supplement this work which delivered 7 important features to their platform. These features were critical to some key customers, meaning that had Calavista not been able to perform, Iodine could have lost business. Instead, Iodine was able to maintain those customers and actually deepen the relationships through their responsiveness.

If your business could benefit from an “Irritant Removal System” or would like the rapid flexibility and scalability that partnering with Calavista provides, reach out to us at

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