The Latest and Greatest in DevSecOps

At Calavista, we were interested in DevSecOps before there was an overall term for these best practices in software development. We were founded on concepts such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, pioneering Agile development. Since the early 2000s, the software development and DevSecOps scene has changed dramatically, exploding with new technology to help streamline […]

Embracing DevSecOps

Written By: Jeremy Polansky, CISSP, Director of DevSecOps at Calavista   Putting Security at the Heart of DevOps At Calavista, we were doing DevOps before it had a buzz-word title. Likewise, we’ve been doing DevSecOps for quite some time, and it’s about time we start calling it what it is. If you want to learn […]

DevOps Metrics: Key Elements of Continuous Monitoring

Written By: Daniel Kulvicki, Solutions Director at Calavista   Our previous blogs have defined DevOps as a collaborative culture with its own defined practices, ideas, tools, technology, processes, and metrics. Integrating some of these elements into your workflow can help streamline and improve your development process. Today, I want to focus on metrics that we […]

Continuous Monitoring: What Is It, And How Does It Impact DevOps Today?

Written By: Daniel Kulvicki, Solutions Director at Calavista   DevOps has made it possible for organizations to develop and release stable applications faster than ever. However, an organization with a proper DevOps pipeline should always include Continuous Monitoring through the development lifecycle. Continuous Monitoring (CM) is a fully automated process that provides real-time data in […]

Test Driven Development

Written By: Jeremy Miller   Test Driven Development (TDD) is a development practice where developers author code by first describing the intended functionality in small, automated tests, then writing the necessary code to make that test pass. TDD came out of the  Extreme Programming (XP) process and movement in the late 90’s and early 00’s that sought […]

DevOps Methodology Explained: Why is DevOps Right For Your Organization?

Written By: Daniel Kulvicki, Solutions Director at Calavista   In the last decade, we have seen significant shifts in software development operations. One of these shifts is the evolution of DevOps, which came to play in 2008/9. Even as organizations continue to adopt the practice, DevOps is still considered an extra when it needs to […]

Using Alba to Test ASP.NET Services

Written By: Jeremy Miller   One of our projects at Calavista right now is helping a client modernize and optimize a large .Net application, with the end goal of being everything running on .Net 5 and an order of magnitude improvement in system throughput. As part of the effort to upgrade the web services, I […]