Web App Jump Start Comparison: Setup and Start

This is the second in the author’s blog series comparing two “jump start” tools for making Java-based Web Apps: Jhipster and Cuba Framework. To the amusement of my colleagues at Calavista, I am constantly saying how much I hate computers.

Using Alba to Test ASP.NET Services

One of our projects at Calavista right now is helping a client modernize and optimize a large .Net application, with the end goal being everything running on .Net 5 and an order of magnitude improvement in system throughput.

Web App Jump Start Comparison

One thing Calavista does very well as a company is building Web Applications from scratch. If you have a great idea for an application and you plan to bet your life savings on building a company around it, a smart move would be to find a development organization with an on-time, within-budget record of greater then 90%, such as Calavista.

Software and Sourdough

My non-computer hobby since quarantine started has been making sourdough bread. I created my own starter and I’ve been making bread almost every weekend since last March. I’ve gotten pretty good at it, such that commercial bread is now unacceptable to anyone in my family.

Marten DB With Jeremy Miller

In this podcast, our Senior Architect, Jeremy Miller, is interviewed by The 6 Figure Developer podcast hosts John Callaway, Clayton Hunt, and Jon Ash. Jeremy has a technical conversation about Marten DB, a .NET Transactional Document DB and Event Store on PostgreSQL.

Technical Debt Patterns: Copied and Pasted Code

This is the sixth part in the series, “Technical Debt Patterns.” There are two (more more!) copies of the same bit of code, because some lazy (or unknowing) programmer copied a whole block and just edited a few lines. Sure, it’s a lot easier than figuring out the right refactoring, and it gets the job done.

Yes, Virginia, Continuous Deployment Does Have Controls and Approvals: Part 2

In Part 1, we talked through some of the misconceptions of Continuous Deployment (CD) and how it does not create a “Wild West” release approach. This time, I want to cover three major flows or processes (using GitHub as an example) that can be implemented to enable delivery of stable, high-quality features.

Yes, Virginia, Continuous Deployment Does Have Controls and Approvals: Part 1

Often, Continuous Deployment is considered a step too far for most development organizations. Many people fear that it removes any gates or approval process and put the release mechanism solely in the development team’s hands. That is incorrect. Continuous Deployment can actually increase controls and provide better code!

Technical Debt Patterns: Overburdened Class

This is the fifth part in the series, “Technical Debt Patterns.” Some important central class has several not-really-related sets of responsibilities, making it huge. Robert C. Martin coined the phrase Single-Responsibility Principle (SRP) as one of his core guidelines in object-oriented design.