An App That Helps Companies Safeguard Themselves Against Cybersecurity Attacks

Cybernance Case Study Snapshot


5 – 12


4 months to MVP

8 years ongoing maintenance and enhancements


Ruby on Rails


We partnered with Cybernance to create an app that would allow Boards of Directors to ensure they were protecting their organizations against the risk of cyber-attacks – and themselves against liability.

Following cybersecurity breaches at Target, Home Depot and other large companies, corporate directors found themselves personally and financially liable for cybersecurity losses. Boards of Directors and Executives everywhere understood the need to protect their companies but were unsure where to turn.

Cybernance – the leader in cyber risk governance for financial services, government, energy, utilities, education, insurance, healthcare, and consumer industries – recognized the need for companies to not only safeguard themselves against future cybersecurity attacks, but provide ironclad evidence that they were acting to protect their shareholders. There were products on the market that helped manage risk, but not comprehensible tools were specifically built for executives to mitigate their own personal risk as the result of an attack.

Calavista partnered with the Cybernance team to create an app that would allow corporate leadership to ensure and legally document that they were taking the necessary steps in protecting their organizations, as well as themselves, against the liability of cyber-attacks.

Our Solution

We worked with Cybernance to create an easy-to-use, intuitive, and critical tool to protect customers. We wrote security-conscious code to create an application that could enhance cybersecurity for its users within 4 months.   

The Cybernance Platform uses standards from the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (a national standard) and others to assess, measure and report an organization’s cyber maturity across all its various functions. The platform is delivered through a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model that allows boards, executives, and key stakeholders to communicate in meaningful ways through a common language about issues that transcend technology.

Our Process

When Cybernance engaged with Calavista, they essentially hired a VP of Development who brought a full team that knew how to deliver high-quality code effectively and efficiently. Our team delivered the solution and allowed the Cybernance team to focus on building their business. 

Our Team

Calavista provided an optimal mix of resources and roles, both local and remote. A Solutions Director worked closely with Cybernance on requirements and timelines, a Senior Architect planned the overall design, a Scrum Master kept everyone working within scope, a DevSecOps engineer built a best-of-breed delivery pipeline, and a dedicated team of developers and testers created the framework and built out the app.

Project Execution

We saw the importance of creating an app that not only did the job, but was intuitive and easy to use. We provided a UX designer to work directly with the Cybernance stakeholders to design the app from a user’s perspective, making it user-friendly and intuitive.


Over a four-month period, we met with the Cybernance team several times per week. These meetings were more than just status updates – they were opportunities for the client to dive in and see the product evolve. Our Hyper-Agile® process meant that the client was able to give feedback in real time, and mid-course corrections could be made quickly and efficiently.

The Results

The MVP was brought to market in just four months. And within nine months, Cybernance had onboarded 25 major clients.

Ultimately, we were able to work with Cybernance to create an easy-to-use, intuitive, and critical tool that provides cybersecurity oversight and risk management. Boards of Directors and organizational leadership now have an asset that can empower them to become proactive, not only for their companies, but also for themselves. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is so confident in the Cybernance offering that it is designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT). Cybernance was awarded a SAFETY Act designation in April of 2017.

Within just nine months of Calavista developing the new app, Cybernance had 25 major clients using it, including Texas Mutual Insurance, the U.S. Department of Energy, and Boy Scouts of America. If  you have a great software idea and need a strong team to back it up while you build your business, like Cybernance, let us  know! Calavista can provide more than just developers and build the team you need to get your MVP to market.

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