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Wi-Fi Alliance® Case Study Snapshot


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Calavista Software helped Wi-Fi Alliance® re-think their business logic, created an online application that would support their new approach, and launched their new Certification System.   

Wi-Fi Alliance® is the international consortium of companies that brings you Wi-Fi, connecting people all over the world. Most devices these days are Wi-Fi compatible, but in order to certify their devices as such, manufacturers had to go through a complex testing and application process, managed entirely by Wi-Fi Alliance®. They were struggling with a fragmented Certification System, as they had to create new tests (and new code) for each new standard and program in the rapidly changing technology, making it nearly impossible to keep up.

Wi-Fi Alliance® had worked with Calavista before and knew that we could not only deliver the software they needed to re-do their certification system but drive the entire project. We helped them rethink their business logic, created an online application that would support their new approach, designed an entirely new User Experience, and launched their new Certification System.

Our Solution

After building their previous Wi-Fi Certification System and maintaining it for several years, we helped Wi-Fi Alliance® re-imagine a better way. We worked with them to define requirements for the new system, refactor the user experience, and build an all-new Wi-Fi Certification System that could be modified and maintained by the Wi-Fi Alliance®.

Our Process

Efficient and effective software development often requires more than just coding. We helped Wi-Fi Alliance® through every step of the process, including defining requirements, design, and project management. Through our comprehensive development services, we helped them reimagine their certification system to better match the current market, then developed it with little–to–no downtime or loss of data.

“We used Calavista for everything from assisting in developing the high-level requirements that we could put out for a proposal, worked with us all the way through a more detailed system design, implementation, and ultimately train up our own teams that we were standing up, so that we could take on the ongoing sustaining evolution of the system.”

Kevin Robinson

President and CEO at Wi-Fi Alliance®

The Team

Calavista provides a “development group in a box”, meaning that the necessary business analysis, software architecture, project management, development, testing and DevOps could all be done by our people. However, this does not mean that Wi-Fi Alliance® was not involved. Over the months, members of our team became integral members of their organization, participating in meetings and strategy sessions. “A lot of companies will say ‘we want to be part of your team’,” President and CEO, Kevin Robinson says, “but I think Calavista really lives up to that.”

Project Execution

The first step of the project was a 6-week elicitation and requirements generation process driven by our team. We provided a Business Analyst, Senior Software Architect, Solutions Director, and a User Experience Designer to facilitate this process. This helped re-imagine a more efficient certification system that was more flexible and scalable – one that could be maintained by non-developers, so the Wi-Fi Alliance® team could handle it on their own when we were done. We then brought on developers and testers and created a DevOps pipeline to create this new system, successfully launching it within one year.


While helping Wi-Fi Alliance® re-imagine their system, we wanted to create something that would eventually make our own services obsolete. During the ideation process, we asked the hard questions that helped imagine a sustainable system that could evolve as the industry evolved. Then as we developed it, we helped Wi-Fi Alliance® train their own team so that they could manage it over time, eliminating the need to reply on outside contractors. As Kevin, President and CEO at Wi-Fi Alliance® puts it, “What we have now is a system that meets the needs today but can also evolve and grow as our certification business evolves and grows.”


The Results

Now, at the heart of their business operations, Wi-Fi Alliance® has a reliable Certification System that they can maintain themselves.   

Before working with Calavista, Wi-Fi Alliance® needed to produce new code and new tests for every technological advancement in Wi-Fi technology. This created a problem that was nearly impossible to keep up with manually yet was central to their business operations. Calavista’s solution was to not only aid in the development of a new certification system but drive the process of re-imagining it. Ultimately, this led to a new Certification System successfully designed, developed, and deployed, with little-to-no downtime and no data loss. Now, at the heart of their business operations, Wi-Fi Alliance® has a reliable system that they can maintain themselves.

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