Supporting Ukraine Through Software Delivery

Calavista Software calls upon a number of international development partners to help build our Development Group in a Box™ that is managed and run by our onshore leadership – and some of these partners are located in the Ukraine. For fifteen years now, we’ve worked with Ukrainian partners and have found them to be thoughtful, […]

How to Hire an Effective External Development Team

So, you’ve decided that hiring an external development team is the best option for your business: You could benefit from the scalability, value, and peace of mind that an external team can offer, but now you face the headache of hiring one. In order to get the value you’re searching for in a development partner, […]

Why Your Organization Should Include an External Development Team

In a market where technical expertise has never been more important, yet never harder to find, spinning up an internal development team is a daunting task. You may consider it a “necessary evil” if you recognize the value that new technology and programming can bring to your company, though. After all, cutting-edge software development is […]

Calavista Has Moved!

When Calavista was founded over 20 years ago, one of the first questions we asked ourselves was whether or not we needed an office. We quickly decided that it was important to have a place to go to – to focus on work, meet with customers, and establish a culture.

Lessons Learned From Austin Energy

This one goes out to our Austin-Area colleagues. Around the office (and over the phone) we have been discussing the events of the past week or two – finally power is restored across town after a classic February cold-snap. It’s true that the ice storm we saw recently was unique, but it wasn’t totally unheard of.

I Have a “Killer Idea” And Now I Need Software…

Every day, a million and one thoughts fly around in our heads. Sometimes, they’re killer ideas – the ones we think will make use never have to work again for the rest of our lives. Other times, they are just products of a very overactive imagination.

It Was All Over After Punch Cards

I don’t feel old, but when I look around at other people in the IT industry, I realize I’m a dinosaur. How old a dinosaur? My first programming job (the summer after my sophomore year at MIT) was writing COBOL code to cull trends from Polaroid’s customer registration “database” – really just one big flat file.

How to Find The Right Oil and Gas Software Development Partner

Software reaches all realms of business, including the oil and gas industry, so it is important to find a strong oil and gas software development partner. However, searching for a software development partner can take months. Even then, you may not be satisfied with your candidates after weeks of searching. Considering how important reliable software […]

Hire The Professional

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional… wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair. I recently changed the radiator in my Jeep. I did it myself, in part to save money, in part because it was a project my son and I could do together, and in part just because I wanted to.

How Healthcare Software Development Differs From Other Industries

The healthcare industry is itself incredibly different from any other market, so it stands to reason that software development within the healthcare industry is unique. Some of the main differences between software development in healthcare and other industries is that healthcare is highly regulated, a complex B2C market, and communal. The same principles that are […]