Problems For a New Development Team

Software team meeting at a table

Signs You Should Hire an External Team The benefits of an external team are clear, but how do you know if it is time to hire one? Typically, bringing in an external development team is the solution to a problem that crops up in your development process. Whether you have your own development team in-house, […]

Supporting Ukraine Through Software Delivery

Calavista Software calls upon a number of international development partners to help build our Development Group in a Box™ that is managed and run by our onshore leadership – and some of these partners are located in the Ukraine. For fifteen years now, we’ve worked with Ukrainian partners and have found them to be thoughtful, […]

Advantages of Flutter

In one of our recent blogs, we discussed native and cross-platform mobile app development. As we said, it’s not that one approach is inherently better than the other, it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The same can be said about different development platforms. Taking a closer look at development frameworks, we […]

How to Hire an Effective External Development Team

So, you’ve decided that hiring an external development team is the best option for your business: You could benefit from the scalability, value, and peace of mind that an external team can offer, but now you face the headache of hiring one. In order to get the value you’re searching for in a development partner, […]

Native or Cross-Platform Development?

When it comes to mobile app development, everyone faces the same question: native or cross-platform? The choice was not always difficult, since, in the early days of mobile app development, native was the only way to go. Developers typically had to write their app for both iOS and Android separately (if they wanted it available […]

Why Your Organization Should Include an External Development Team

In a market where technical expertise has never been more important, yet never harder to find, spinning up an internal development team is a daunting task. You may consider it a “necessary evil” if you recognize the value that new technology and programming can bring to your company, though. After all, cutting-edge software development is […]

Calavista Has Moved!

Written by: Lawrence Waugh, Founder of Calavista Software   Goodbye 360, hello Cuernavaca. When Calavista was founded over 20 years ago, one of the first questions we asked ourselves was whether or not we needed an office. We quickly decided that it was important to us to have a place to go – to focus […]

The Latest and Greatest in DevSecOps

At Calavista, we were interested in DevSecOps before there was an overall term for these best practices in software development. We were founded on concepts such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, pioneering Agile development. Since the early 2000s, the software development and DevSecOps scene has changed dramatically, exploding with new technology to help streamline […]

Embracing DevSecOps

Written By: Jeremy Polansky, CISSP, Director of DevSecOps at Calavista   Putting Security at the Heart of DevOps At Calavista, we were doing DevOps before it had a buzz-word title. Likewise, we’ve been doing DevSecOps for quite some time, and it’s about time we start calling it what it is. If you want to learn […]